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Blog: Our fundraisers & events 

Some of the fun from our fundraising trivia night and many happy many rooms full of such joy!

A highlight for our entire team - WOW!..Karen takes home grand raffle prize of a trip to AUSTRIA OMG! 

The seriousness of 'hit the bottle!'

Winners are grinners..champers & chocolates all round for the winning trivia team!

Lot's of day-long lunches at Grill'd Fairfield with some of our amazing supporters..we eat, we vote for ourselves & we eat again!...sometimes we sneak in a wine! ;)

We WON! the Grill'd Fairfield 'Local Matters' grant!!..Many thanks to Damian Black, store manager

Sandie Bell & Paul Snowden play a couple of faves at the launch! 

From the gorgeous photgraphic stylings of Miss Peta McInnes

Team MFC Butterflies hover around a light!

The Butterfly Boogie!

Guests check their raffle tickets just before the draw!

Just a few of our brilliant supporters Mark O'Connell & Peter Dutton listen to Candi Wiggins perfom

Sandie Bell (in Blue) with Sisters Cynthia, Janet & Debbie & their divine Auntie Dawn

Acoustic Foxx's fab originals add to the celebration!

Sue Webster captivates the audience & sparkles

on the stage


Candi Wiggins beautifully

performs some jazz classics


Many thanks to all of our family & friends for assisting with our Launch in November, each little piece of help added to our joy in creating a successful & fun evening!


Most particularly we thank:


Photographer:  Peta McInnes


Performers:       Candi Wiggins

                        Sue Webster

                        Kirsten Snwoden

                        Paul Snowden

                        Acoustic Foxx

                        Andrea Keeble

                        Sandie Bell


Website advice: Sue Webster


Please see our projects page for up-coming events & fundraisers..

we look forward to seeing you there!


PO Box 50

Reservoir, Victoria 3073



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