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Music for Change Inc. is a not-for-profit organisation founded in July 2013 by Melbourne based singer Sandra Bell.


During Sandra’s childhood, music had a profound impact on her life and gave her a sense of identity and purpose during difficult times.


The musical opportunities that were given to her at that time fuelled her passion for singing.  Whilst on a volunteering trip to Uganda in September 2012, she realised what impact musical opportunities can have on a child’s life.


With her lifelong passion for music and first-hand experience of the real difference one person can make in a community, Sandra set about forming a music related charity dedicated to providing assistance to students - predominantly under the age of 18 - who show particular talent in a music related field and are also considered financially disadvantaged. Such assistance may be in the form of financial support for tuition or purchase of an instrument. The board of Music for Change Inc. is dedicated to thoroughly assessing each application on a case by case basis and making a decision on how best to assist that student.


The motto for Music for Change is ‘Make real change to make change real’. Our board is comprised of people with who believe that music can bring about an amazing transformation and know that it can often be the one great thing in a persons’ life.


We welcome applications for support from all areas of the community including teachers, choirs, community groups and music schools.  Applications are to be sent via mail c/o the address below and must address all selection criteria stated within the submission guidelines. A copy of the selection criteria is available via emailed request from:


Music for Change Inc. relies on funding via public donations, raffles, entertainment events and other fundraising initiatives.  If you can help us, we’d love to hear from you!







PO Box 50

Reservoir, Victoria 3073



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